Toys For Children Of Different Age Groups

It is fairly obvious that it is dangerous to let kids play with toys that are not meant for their age; they can swallow the items or get hurt, which is why when you shop, you should know what to shop for. For this purpose, you should make sure you find a shop you trust; for example, on you can find many high-quality kid’s toys for all ages.

Kids often get bored of the toys you buy them, which can cause financial problems, similar to their clothes. The only difference, you have to buy new clothes, but you should not buy more toys than needed, which is why you should pick interesting, creative and fun toys to begin with.

As it was mentioned, not all toys are meant for all ages, and this will usually be written on the box of the toy you purchased. However, there are few pieces of advice you can take for purchasing different toys for different age groups.

Toys for young infants

The most interesting and fun ‘toy’ for babies is actually you. Young infants like to look at people and follow them with their eyes. Usually, babies prefer to see faces, bright colors, different objects, as they are easily fascinated with what their feet and hands can do. This is exactly why they tend to turn their head towards the sound, put objects and hands in their mouth…etc.

Babies find a lot of toys interesting

Good toys for young infants can include things that they can hold, reach for, suck on, shake, make noise with, for example, large rings, rattles, squeeze toys, soft dolls, board books or teething toys.  They also enjoy items that play music, like nursery rhyme books and poems, some recordings of lullabies…etc. On top of that, they also enjoy toys that they can look at, like pictures, or unbreakable mirrors.

How to keep your toddler entertained?

Toddlers are at that age where they are learning the language, and they have achieved some sense of danger. However, they will do a lot of physical ‘testing’, meaning that you will catch them jumping from heights, hanging by their arms, climbing, rolling…etc. Since they have a good control of their fingers and hands, they are testing that out.

Toddlers sometimes invent their own games

This is why some of the best toys for this age group include items that will help them solve problems, like wood puzzles, objects to sort, blocks that snap together, and things with hooks. Toddlers are also known to enjoy pretending and building, toys, blocks, child-sized furniture, dress-up, construction sets…etc.

In addition, since toddlers are at a stage where they are best surrounded by creativity, you can consider purchasing items that will help them create things, non-toxic crayons, and markers, large brushes, chalk…etc. Picture books and toys that make sound are also very welcome.

Preschoolers and kindergarteners

There is a big difference between these three groups, and all you need to know is that with preschoolers and kindergarteners, you have more options. Now you can buy kitchen child sets, tables for drawing, basketball or soccer fields for kids, and other things that will make them active and creative.

Final word

Overall, you need to find things that will keep your kids entertained and something that will help them learn new things, This is why you should find a good store, like best of quality kids sport toys at Step2 Direct, where you will definitely find something that your kids like.

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