The feminized cannabis seeds can give the maximum yield

Every cannabis grower who cultivates cannabis with the sole objective of procuring high yields will swear by the feminized cannabis seeds. This is because these seeds alone can produce the highest quantity as well as quality of yields. The female cannabis plants are the real plants of any value. The male plants have their importance but for different reasons. The female plants are the ones that produce the high quality buds you are looking for.

In the normal course of cultivation, you have to buy marijuana seeds. When you do so, you buy the seeds that are produced by one male and one female plant. No one can look at the seeds and state that this is a male seed or a female seed. You need the plants to grow to a certain level to be able to distinguish between the same.

At the time of flowering, one has to separate the male plants from the female plants. Hence, this can reduce the yield by literally 50%. Hence, the cultivator has to increase his base whereby he would require more space, time, effort, and money. Therefore, it makes sense for the cultivator to opt for feminized cannabis seeds. This will ensure that he gets the full quota of yield because there would be no need for separating or discarding the male plants because there would be no male plants at all.

What happens when you use 100% feminized cannabis seeds for plantation? The feminized seeds are such that the seeds go through genetic engineering to remove the male chromosome. Hence, the result is that every seed will give rise to a female plant alone. This can increase the yield because it eliminates wastage. You also leave out the question of chance from the equation. In this way, you ensure that you increase you yields in the easiest manner possible.

The advantages of using feminized cannabis seeds are many. The biggest advantage is that you get guaranteed high yields. Hence, you improve the bottom line. Secondly, you save valuable space, time, money, and effort. You do not have to contend with the male plants. You need not waste your time discarding the useless male plants. Hence, investing a bit more at the initial stage can help you a great deal. This is because the feminized seeds are definitely more expensive than the normal variety of seeds.

Therefore, the cultivator who works with the purpose of procuring the maximum yields should necessarily opt for the feminized seeds. In case they go for the autoflowering variety, the profit margin is much more. This is because of a higher yield in a shorter period of time. The cultivator who has lesser space at his disposal to cultivate plants will also benefit from the use of the feminized cannabis seeds. He need not waste the limited space at his disposal planting normal seeds and discarding more than half of them at the flowering stage.

All these factors play a great role when the cultivator has to decide on the quality of seeds to plant

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