How NOT to Dress Boring At Work

Clothes are an integral part of your personality. They reflect everything from your thoughts to your work ethics. While spending a majority of your day at office, it is necessary to wear proper clothes that reflect your personality in the best manner. It is all about striking the right balance between formal  and casual dresses. Since one certainly does not want to look boring at work place, here are a few tips guiding you about how NOT to dress boring at work.

With the arrival of a new season, it is time to revamp your wardrobe. It is time to replace all those monotonous business formals with more exciting, fresh and comfortable dresses.  In the competitive world today, you need to stay proactive all the time and you certainly do not want to do that by wearing boring and dull clothes.

Check out these 5 tips that are perfectly ideal for your work wear makeover-

  1. Go crazy with colours

It is time to break the myth that navy blue, black, beige and browns are the only ideal colours for selecting your office wear. Experiment with vibrant colours. Don’t stick to the monotonous dark shades. Pair up bright colours with their darker complementary colour. Make sure the colours you wear suit your skin tone.You can pair up your attire with a colourful scarf or tie which accentuates the essence of your outfit without making it too informal.

  1. Ace at accessorising

A wide range of accessories are readily available that can be paired up with work wear. Accessories like cufflinks, tie pins, belts, ties, watches, etc. can make your outfit come to life.  You need to be aware of the right accessories that go with a particular outfit.Try giving it a go by replacing the plain old tie with a cravat to formal events.

  1. Dress according to the occasions

You should realise the difference between casuals, business casuals, semi-formals, formals and business formals. Different occasions call for different types of attire. If you have to attend a brainstorming session kept on a Sunday, there is no problem in wearing smart casuals. Find a Skater dress of suitable fabric and print for a formal brunch.

  1. Smart spectacles

This is an accessory that deserves a whole point to itself. Spectacles have always been associated with work wear for a long while, but this does not mean that you need to stick to the traditional rimless ones. Find out which spectacle is best suits your face and replace your boring old spectacles.The cat-eye trend goes very well with work wear.

  1. Find the perfect perfume

Bad smells can easily tick off anyone from your colleagues and bosses to the clients; itis therefore necessary to wear the right perfume. Select the perfect perfume and make sure it matches with the rest of your toiletries because conflicting scents can spoil the whole effort.Also, try to stick to one scent which people will slowly start associating with you and your personality.

Offices can be boring. Just a little jazzing up mostly works! So dress your best and you will have a happy day! With some many online shopping websites, finding your perfect dress is a click away.

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