Dress to Impress with Fab Formal Shirts

Formal shirts are one of the most important yet persistently overlooked aspects of any working woman’s wardrobe.  If you come to work looking like you’ve had a long night out or else don’t know about the existence of dry cleaners, and you have a crinkled collar and sweat-stained shirt sleeves, you’ll be lucky if you aren’t shown the door.  Male or female, as a rule, we dress for success and, indeed, dress for the jobs we want.  As such, if you want your ideas to be taken seriously, you need to look the part, and what better way to do that than by wearing premiere polo and formal shirts, as well as the blazers and suit jackets that go with them.

And just what kind of shirts and suits should you look for when shopping for work attire?

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Fab Formal Shirts

When it comes to the world of fashion, image is everything.  As stated above, what you wear can be a great way to make a first impression—or it can be a complete turn off.  As such, you’re going to want to take that into consideration when choosing what kinds of shirts you want to wear.  The fact that shirts are so often overlooked is precisely the problem when it comes to shopping for them.  Pick something too bland, and they’re simply forgettable.  On the other hand, if you choose something that’s loud or else clashes horribly, everyone in the room will notice.  Unfortunately, too often it’s our shirt mistakes that are noticed rather than quality choices.  As such, you’ll want a look that avoids design missteps (e.g. obnoxious and unprofessional patterns or loud clashing colour schemes) and instead embraces a sort of “less is more” approach.  By contrast, while you should still avoid loud and unprofessional suits, you have a bit more leeway in terms of personal expression.  Whereas for a shirt you’ll want to stick to whites, pastels, and either simple stripes, crosshatches, or solids, with a blazer or suit you can afford to introduce darker colours, or even a light classy beige or khaki during those hot summers.

Elite Choices

When it comes to shopping for business clothes, brand matters.  Again, we dress to make a statement, and nothing says you mean business quite like picking something that not only helps make you feel ready to take on the world, but also comes from a company recognised the world over for its impeccable quality.  As such, you’ll want to pick out clothing manufacturers that have an elite quality to them.  For example, Hawes and Curtis are leading shirt and suit makers, and can always be trusted to give a sense of professionalism, power and style to those who embrace their brand.  You want a brand that’s both recognisable and recognisably “you” insofar as it matches your personality and business persona.

Dress for success with quality suits, blazers, and formal shirts from elite brands today.

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