4 Problems Faced By Every Modern Father

For most of the kids it is quite hard to understand their parents especially their dads because seldom will you find them jabbering about things. Most of the Dads that I have seen keep things to themselves. But there certain are some dilemmas which every father in the world has. There was a time when almost all the fathers have a set pattern of thinking but things have changed over the years. We have listed down some problems which every father in the world faces.

For most of the kids money is readily available so they don’t even give a single thought before spending it. And since most of the parents are working so they seldom find the time to spend with their kids, therefore to escape the guilt they feel that it is important that they should be able to fulfil their demands. They find it hard to stop the kids from not buying a particular thing. So instead of spoiling them and making them a brat it is important that you should be a little cautious while splurging money on your kids. If your father has been the one who has made you learnt the lessons the hard way, trust me you should send father’s day gifts online to make them feel special.

Kids these days are quite well-informed, they know more than you think they know maybe it is the vast exposure that they have got through the internet. So they tend to make their choices and decisions quite early. There are chances that they might end up in a bad company and being a Dad it is your moral responsibility to make them realize that they are in a bad company. Rather than giving them lectures the best way to do things would be to let them realize on their own. If you father has been wise enough to understand this early, you can send father’s day cakes to make him feel special.

It is important that you understand first what your child might be good at and suggest career options accordingly. If you child wants to go ahead with a particular career option it is important that you lend a patient ear to him or else you are in for a fight.

Arrange marriages in India is a norm but the world around is changing and so should you. Pressurising him won’t help. The best way to make things better is to talk to him openly about it and try to understand what makes him take this decision. There are chances that your child might be right but if not then you have to do so. Trust me in today’s modern world, patience is the key to get closer to your kids.

If your Dad does all this and much more to build a stronger relationship with you the best thing to do would be to think of some father’s day cake ideas and get a lovely cake for him to make him feel how much you love him.

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